Week 1: Monterey

Jun 4-10 7th-High School Grads
Eric Opton
Chris White

Week 2: Saturn Road

June 11-17 6th-High School Grads
Adam Herndon
Daniel Roberts

Week 3: Broadway & Preston Road

June 18-24 7th grade-HS grads
John Kimberlin

Week 4: The Hills*

June 25-30 9th-High School Grads
Jason Herman

Week 5: University CofC Las Cruces

July 2-8 7th grade-High School Grads
David Harrelson

Week 6: Evergreen

July 9-14* 4th-8th Grades
Trent Roberson
(South Plains Only: Registration Link)

Week 7: LCU, Altamesa & Bell Ave.

July 16-22 7th-High School Grads
John King
Doug Martin
Nate Bundy

Week 8: Camp Followin’

July 23-28* 3rd-8th Grades
Paul Hodnett
John Delaney
(Greenlawn Only)

Week 9: Burleson

July 29-August 4 7th-High School Grads
Hutt Hutson

Week 10: Willow Park & South Main Weatherford

August 6-11 *4th-8th Grades
Tyler Jarvis
Cody Chumbley * denotes camp ending on Friday

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